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The nests in making bird's nest soups are exclusively those of swiflets, the birds from the family of common swallow. These highly prized nests are built and clung to the ceiling of the caves as high as 70m by the birds mostly of seaweed that is mixed by their own saliva, making the process of harvesting an ordeal and expensive. Swiflets nests are mostly found on cliffs in areas along the Southern Chinese coast and South East Asia.

Rich in protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients, bird's nest is good for all, young and old, men and women, the sick and mother-to-be. The Chinese have been relishing bird's nest as medicinal gourmet food for centuries and believe it replenishes and nourishes the internal organs, speed up recovery from illness, and boosts overall well being. Of all, the most widely known benefit of consuming bird's nest is its ability to rejuvenate, restore youthfulness and ensure glowing and wrinkle-free complexion, the one reason sufficient to explain why it is such a hot commodity and luxury to the Chinese women. Last but not least, it tastes good too!




Indonesia may become one of bird's nest producer which produces eighty percent of the total birdís nest in the world. So that, you can get the qualified bird nest product in Indonesia with reachable prices.

Indonesia bird nest wholesaler provides wide varieties of nests, including; house nest, cave nest and bottled nest. Three common house nests in the market are white nest, golden nest and red nest. Cave Nest is considered to be the most nutritious among other birdís nest because of its habitat provides many minerals and proteins needed to make the nest. While bottled nest is processed bird nest through a delicate hand cleaning process to remove the naturally-contained impurities (feathers, dirt, etc.) and to ensure the shapes remain perfect.

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